NorCal Egg Artists

In Memorium

Rosalie Juarez
February 10, 1957 - May 16, 2012
Rosalie and her sisters have enjoyed egg art for a number of years. They have been the reason the Sacramento Egg Show continues each March.
Rosalie is greatly missed by her sisters, Eleanor, Virginia and Angelina and all her egg art sisters in the Northern California Egg Artists group. She was truly loved by many artists who attended our Sacramento Egg Show. Linda Martin has designed an egg in memory of our dear Rosalie.

For some reason I am unable to download photos on this new web site.
I will figure it out... so stay tuned. Patty

Diane Lynne Hochtritt
July 9, 1946 - January 1, 2013
My dear egg art buddy, Lynne (Diane Lynne Hochtritt) passed away on January 1st. Lynne was born in 1946 with challenges.. brittle bone disease. She was a Shriners kid. She is one reason our Sacramento club has the Shriners Transportation account as its charity choice. God gave this lovely lady so many talents. She was a jewelry artist, clay artists and seamstress before she joined the egger's world. She loved all the eggers she met. I am sure all the dealers who came to Sacramento know and love Lynne.  Lynne made darling reindeer for our Christmas luncheon this year.  I will try to post photos soon.  Lynne was our angel. I will miss her so much.  patty

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